[Dovecot] Regarding: **OFF LIST** subject declaration

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Thu Feb 25 05:28:29 EET 2010

Jerry put forth on 2/24/2010 1:39 PM:

> Not that I am aware of and why would I put a declaration like that in
> the subject line if I was sending it directly to its intended
> recipient? In any case, I certainly would not follow it up with an "ON
> LIST" declaration. Admit it, it does seem rather absurd.
> In any case, it makes no difference to me. I was just curious.

Jerry, this is pretty simple.  If you'd been paying attention to the thread
in question you'd already have figured out what happened.  Apparently you
only read subject lines, not the actual content of list messages.

If you go back and read the thread, you'll see that at one point Timo asked
me to send him a copy of an mbox file from my production dovecot server.
This request was the very last line of his email.  This is private data,
obviously.  I replied off list with the URL.  Later, I replied back to the
list omitting the private URL, which was the only reason to go off list in
the first place.  When I replied back to the list, I forgot to change the
subject line.  When I realized the mistake, I corrected it.  Simple, logical.

To answer the "yeah but" question on the tip of your tongue, yes, I could
have sent Timo a separate email with the URL.  However, I'm no list nub, and
experience tells me that Timo would have continued replying through the off
list channel, and thus no one on the list, or those later searching the
archives, would benefit from the exchange.

Is this all clear for you now?   That **OFF LIST** was a simple mistake of
forgetting to edit the subject line before getting the discussion back on
the list?


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