[Dovecot] qmail-secretary plugin for dovecot deliver

Rajkumar S rajkumars at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 18:02:13 EET 2010


I have been using qmail-ldap for quite some time and now moved to
postfix/dovecot. One feature that I miss is that provided by
qmail-secretary. qmail-secretary basically is a mail list manager with
following features:

  1 no limit, just explode to all members
  2 members only, as the name says; only members are allowed (based
     on envelope sender, so not very secure, everybody can fake that)
  3 sender confirm, sender has to confirm submission and return address
     like DJBs qmail-secretary
  4 moderated, moderator(s) have to accept every message; there are
     DN and RFC822 moderators

All configuration (name, members, moderated etc...)  are taken from LDAP.

I had gone through the code and from what I understand for each 4
delivery types it works as follows:

1. Just deliver to all recipients (say, inject it via sendmail).

2. verify if envelope sender is in allowed list and proceed as above.

3. 1. create a random hash
    2. save the mail in new/ with hash as filename
    3. create a new mail with listname-confirm-hash at domain.com and send
    4. If that mail comes back, deliver the mail to all recipients.

4. 1. as above but using listname-approve-hash and list-name-reject-hash
    2. move the msg to cur/
    3. if appropriate reply comes retrieve the mail from cur/ and send
to all recipient.

qmail-secretary is invoked by qmail-local and thus this is a nice
candidate for a deliver plugin. Before I start coding I just want to
check if  there is any gotchas that I am missing? I assume all these
operations can be performed as a deliver plugin and that deliver
plugin is the correct place for such functionality.

It goes without saying that I would be contributing this plugin back
to dovecot.

with regards,


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