[Dovecot] IMAP Folders Don't Make Sense

Carlos Williams carloswill at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 23:05:10 EET 2010

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 3:21 PM, Rick Romero <rick at havokmon.com> wrote:
> The subscriptions file is only used by the MUAs, and you can set them to
> ignore it.  I would just tell the MUAs to ignore it.  You can safely delete
> it - except if you have an MUA that is using it then the folders will
> disappear...
> I suppose if you have a PDA and a huge folder structure you might have the
> PDA use subscriptions and trim down the folder list...
> I would 'start fresh' and remove it.

When I remove this file, my mail clients (webmail & Thunderbird) no
longer see any of my sub folders. How can I remove this file if it
holds obsolete data and still be able to see my Inbox sub folders?

I reverted back to my original dovecot.conf file as when I posted my
original. No changes basically have been made. When I add your
suggestion for namespace to my config, I for some reason then have a
main Inbox folder in my mail client and then it has a subdirectory
called inbox and that has all my IMAP folders listed. So it's a bit
redundant for the Inbox folder only.

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