[Dovecot] any limitations running on a Mac?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Feb 26 07:42:07 EET 2010

On 26.2.2010, at 3.50, Terry Barnum wrote:

> I looked at the wiki on dbox but shied away from it because the compatibility matrix said postfix didn't like it. Did I read that wrong?

You need to be delivering mails with Dovecot LDA when using dbox. And that might help improve performance even when you're using maildir.

>> Did you use macports to build dovecot?
> Yes. 1.2.10.

You could try if maildir_very_dirty_syncs=yes helps.

With v2.0+ mdbox will probably work very nicely. dbox (with v1.x or v2.0) still uses one file/message and I guess if you had trouble with 5k+ messages in a mailbox with Maildir, you'll probably hit the same slowness with dbox.

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