[Dovecot] IMAP Folders Don't Make Sense

Brian Hayden bhayden at umn.edu
Sat Feb 27 16:28:21 EET 2010

On Feb 27 2010, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

>Brian Hayden put forth on 2/25/2010 3:10 PM:
>> particularly if the subscriptions file is in an unreliable state (as it
>> sounds like yours is--as most of them almost always are).
> I guess I'm lucky so far Brian. I've had no subscription problems with TB 
> +
>Squirrelmail + Exchange 5.5 IMAP, or with TB + Roundcube + Dovecot IMAP.
>To add insult to injury, mailbox migration from Exch 5.5 IMAP to Dovecot
>IMAP was done using TB as the conduit, simply copying folders from one
>"account" to another.  Took forever, but it was the only reliable way I
>could think of at the time to do it.  It actually went very smoothly.

How large is the user base? Are the clients managed? And are you sure you 
haven't had any problems... only a very small number of users generally 
complain to relevant parties about a given issue, they grouse about it to 
their friends and colleagues.

It's definitely possible to make it work with tight control. In a large, 
unmanaged environment, it really isn't. Unless you want to posit that the 
80k users I dealt with for ten years on this were exceptionally stupid. ;)


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