[Dovecot] system v. virtual mailboxes, was Re: Thunderbird problem

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Thu Jul 1 00:45:08 EEST 2010

/dev/rob0 put forth on 6/29/2010 3:16 PM:
> On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 07:28:52AM -0400, Charles Marcus wrote:
>> On 2010-06-28 9:05 PM, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>>> I guess this is different with virtual users than with system 
>>> users?  Are you using virtual or system users Charles?
>> Virtual of course... doesn't everyone? ;)

+1 to everything Rob stated.

> Virtual mailboxes have their place, of course, but they're overused,
> especially at small sites. I suppose this might be in part because 
> most HOWTOs are for virtual.

<snipped the rest, as hopefully everyone already read the very salient advice>


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