[Dovecot] mdbox: Cannot create subfolder called "dbox-Mails" (2.0beta5)

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Jul 3 02:04:24 EEST 2010

On 2.7.2010, at 23.39, William Blunn wrote:

> William Blunn wrote:
>> The folder name 'dbox-Mails' is comprised of two normal words, and combined in a way which makes a relatively meaningful phrase.
> ... especially in this context!
> The things we are naming are e-mail folders, i.e. folders which contain e-mails or "Mails".
> So the suffix "-Mails" is actually quite likely!

I doubt it. Plus there are already lots of installations who have .dovecot.sieve files in their maildirs, which makes it impossible to create a mailbox "sieve" whose parent is "dovecot". I've tried to educate them as much as possible everywhere I know of, but it's still common.

Anyway, I think the dbox-Mails is a pretty good compromise. The name needs to be informative enough for sysadmins and unlikely enough to be used by users. It's also case-sensitive in most filesystems, so dbox-mails or Dbox-Mails would be fine too.

Anyway, the long term solution is to get rid of mailbox names in filesystem entirely and just use mailbox GUIDs and a mailbox list index. For now I think dbox-Mails is fine.

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