[Dovecot] dovecot-1.2.12 fails to build on Solaris 8 and 10

Steven King sking at kingrst.com
Mon Jul 5 00:40:35 EEST 2010

 Have you read the compilation wiki
http://wiki.dovecot.org/CompilingSource ?

This should explain any peculiarities with Solaris.

Also, did the compile fail, or the build itself? If you could send the
errors that either display in more completion, that may point us in the
right direction.

On 7/4/10 5:12 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> configure fails with :
> configure: error: Unsupported off_t type
> I am not too sure what off_t is needed but this is a pretty standard thing.
> My configure line :
> ./configure --build=i386-pc-solaris2.10 --host=i386-pc-solaris2.10
> --prefix=/opt/csw --with-zlib --with-ssl=openssl
> --with-storages=mbox,maildir --with-libiconv-prefix=/opt/csw
> Yes, the openssl libs are in /opt/csw/lib
> Not sure what Dovecot needs to build or what other options are required.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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