[Dovecot] Eronious comment in sample Director configuration

Brad Davidson brandond at uoregon.edu
Wed Jul 7 23:53:07 EEST 2010

The sample Director configuration (10-director.conf) says that
director_servers and director_mail_servers can be lists of either IPs or

# List of IPs or hostnames to all director servers, including ourself.
# Ports can be specified as ip:port. The default port is the same as
# what director service's inet_listener is using.
#director_servers =

# List of IPs or hostnames to all backend mail servers. Ranges are
# too, like
#director_mail_servers =

However, if I use hostnames, it bails out with an "Invalid IP address"
error. It also seems to be confusing the dashes in my hostnames for
address range specifications.

Obviously hostnames are not currently supported, but I thought I'd
mention it so the documentation could be updated.


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