[Dovecot] OT: Sieve + Forward as Attachment

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Thu Jul 8 01:21:42 EEST 2010

Jerry wrote:
> I know that this is technically not a Dovecot problem; however, I was
> wondering if anyone knew if 'sieve' had been updated with the ability
> to 'forward as attachment' a received document. I believe it has the
> ability to forward a document; however, I need the ability to forward
> it as an attachment if possible.

There is an enclose extension:


Unfortunately, it explicitly does not affect the redirect action. So you 
can only `enclose' messages that are stored locally. Still don't know 
why; no one on the Sieve list bothered to answer my question on this a 
few months back.

> Also I believe, somewhat due to my asking for them, that sieve exits
> with appropriate error codes. Is there a listing of these codes, other
> than in the actual program code itself, of what those exit codes are?

I should include this in the man pages. Current exit codes are:

0  (EXIT_SUCCESS) All succeeded
1  (EXIT_FAILURE) Generic failure
64 (EX_USAGE) Invalid command line parameter



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