[Dovecot] I can receive but not send

Brent Bloxam brent at beanfield.com
Fri Jul 9 21:35:36 EEST 2010

Dennis Clarke wrote:
> I'm not too sure where to look here. I can access my mail via Dovecot and
> there is an initial requirement to accept an SSL key ( self signed )
> however after I look in my inbox and read a piece of email ( via SeaMonkey
> eMail client ) I can not send. I simply get told that the server would not
> accept the smtp connection. I was hoping for a smtps connection but I'll
> take what I can get.
> Am I missing something obvious here ?

Yes, Dovecot is not an SMTP server, it provides POP3 and IMAP which are 
for mail retrieval. Common SMTP servers are Exim, Postfix, Sendmail and 

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