[Dovecot] maildir / deliver question

Martin Waschbuesch martin at waschbuesch.de
Sat Jul 10 10:14:47 EEST 2010

Hi all,

I have the following situation: On a qmail toaster I am running (with dovecot 1.2.12 as the IMAP server), spam mail gets automatically put into a 'this might be spam' folder (per user).

Now, every user has the opportunity to move that mail into either a 'learn as spam' or a 'this was ham' folder and the mail items will be treated accordingly.

As a cronjob, I run a script that loops through all the users' folders and either learns as spam and deletes or learns as ham and moves back to the user's inbox.

My questions now are these:

1.) Is there any danger regarding  maildir consistency in directly moving mail items about?

2.) Could I somehow use deliver to move the mails? I think I can recall that other LDAs (maildrop?) allow for that? This would of course be preferred as the maildir cache would also still be optimized after the operation.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate this.

Thanks a lot for your help and this great tool!


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