[Dovecot] Director proxy timeout

Brad Davidson brandond at uoregon.edu
Mon Jul 12 07:35:08 EEST 2010


Is the director proxy inactivity timeout configurable? I just recently
attempted to switch our production webmail's imapproxy system to use a
pool of two directors and ran into problems with it apparently
disconnecting them unexpectedly. I don't believe that it IDLEs, I think
it just UNSELECTs to reset the state and then keeps the connection open
until it's used again, or until a configurable delay has elapsed, after
which it logs out on its own.

I've got the imapproxy inactivity delay set to 300 seconds, and it seems
like the director is disconnecting them before that time is up. I
haven't had the same problem when imapproxy connects directly to the
backend servers, which are running 1.2.12.

On the webmail system, imapproxy is logging a LOT of:
Jul 11 21:10:21 cc-mailapps1 in.imapproxyd[28477]: IMAP_Line_Read():
connection closed prematurely.

The director shows:
Jul 11 21:10:14 cc-popmap7p dovecot: imap-login: proxy(jacintha):

The backend server shows:
Jul 11 21:10:14 cc-popmap2p dovecot: imap: user=<jacintha>,
rip=, pid=8629: Connection closed bytes=855/46109 

Roundcube seems to handle the disconnects pretty badly, leaving a bunch
of Apache processes chewing up CPU time.


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