[Dovecot] Director proxy timeout

Brad Davidson brandond at uoregon.edu
Tue Jul 13 00:13:29 EEST 2010


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> From: Timo Sirainen [mailto:tss at iki.fi]
>> Is the director proxy inactivity timeout configurable?
> Proxy has no inactivity timeout.
> Maybe it's a firewall or something disconnecting them?

That's odd. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I didn't run in to any problems with it on my test box, but within a few hours of enabling it on the production system I had Apache processes backing up. It's rather hard to troubleshoot there are now so many moving parts.

It does look like all of the "Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded" errors logged by Apache are within Roundcube's GetCapability readLine loop. There have been problems in the past with Roundcube's IMAP code going off the deep end if it loses its IMAP connection. I'll see if I can't do something about that, but it would also be nice if I could figure out why I'm getting disconnected between LOGIN and CAPABILITY in the first place.


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