[Dovecot] v2.0.rc2 released

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Tue Jul 13 12:15:41 EEST 2010

Le 07/12/2010 02:18 PM, Timo Sirainen a écrit :
> I think you can do "make pkgsysconfdir=/etc/opt/dovecot-rc"

It doesn't work properly for the «install» Makefile target:
libdovecot is built to look for the config file in /etc/opt/dovecot-rc, 
so that's good.
But it seems in two places, it's not used on install.

In doc/example-config/Makefile.in:

         $(mkdir_p) $(DESTDIR)/$(sysconfdir)/dovecot

And another one is using a dovecotconfdir instead of pkgsysconfdir:

dovecotconfdir = $(sysconfdir)/dovecot

> I guess you mean that it stops at doc/man/? That was a bug and has been
> fixed.

Alright, so it was a bug :-) Thanks for fixing it.


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