[Dovecot] sieve make test fails

Eray Aslan eray.aslan at caf.com.tr
Tue Jul 13 14:25:17 EEST 2010

I am trying out the sieve plugin (commit 843ba8e66e1b) and dovecot-2.0.rc2.

$ ./configure --with-dovecot=../dovecot-2.0.rc2/ --with-managesieve

make test fails with:

testuser at linode /tmp/dovecot-2-0-pigeonhole-843ba8e66e1b $ make test
testsuite(testuser): Error: user testuser: Initialization failed:
mail_location not set and autodetection failed: Mail storage
autodetection failed with home=/home/testuser
testsuite(testuser): Fatal: Invalid user settings. Refer to server log
for more information.
make: *** [tests/testsuite.svtest] Error 89

/home/testuser and /home/testuser/sieve exists.  What am I missing?


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