[Dovecot] pigeonhole, regex, UTF-8

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Tue Jul 13 19:16:58 EEST 2010

Trever L. Adams wrote:
>  Hello,
> I am just learning about pigeonhole and thinking of using it. I see 
> that regex doesn't supportf UTF-8. Any particular reason for this?
The standard regexp library does not support unicode and I was not 
planning to write my own regexp compiler any time soon.
> If it is a library problem is the library, have you looked at tre? I 
> am using it in a project (I am using it in wchar_t mode because 
> elsewhere all date is converted to wchar_t). It does work with UTF-8.
As a matter of fact, I haven't looked at TRE before. I'm quite 
interested though, since it is backwards compatible with POSIX and seems 
to be available in most systems. I'll give it a closer look, also in 
terms of compatibility with the latest draft of the Sieve regex 
extension specification.



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