[Dovecot] list=children versus alpine

Matthias Rieber ml-dovecot at zu-con.org
Tue Jul 13 22:32:13 EEST 2010


when I add a collection in Alpine, Apline verifies the existence of the 
added folder/namespace, like for instance adding 'common.':

0a LIST "common." ""
0b LIST "" common

Common is a shared folder. Some folder are available under that 
namespace. With list=yes Alpine can add the collection, with 
list=children it's not possible. Alpine thinks that the folder doesn't 
exist and it tries to create it. This results in a "Namespace already 
exists." error.

'LIST "" common' seems to return different results. I expected that 
list=children and list=all behave identical as long as there are folders 
in that namespace.


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