[Dovecot] mailbox_storage_vfuncs: mailbox_open -> ? in 2.0

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 22:41:47 EEST 2010


I am working on fixing dovecot-antispam to work with dovecot 2.0. I am
down to three errors/warnigns that concern me.

The one I need help from those more familiar with dovecot internals is
in the subject. What happened to mailbox_open? Did it disappear? Did it
get renamed?

It appears that I am needing to override some methods:

        if (need_folder_hook) {
                /* override save_init to override want_mail, we need that */
                box->v.save_begin = antispam_save_begin;
                box->v.save_finish = antispam_save_finish;
                box->v.transaction_begin =
                box->v.transaction_commit =
                box->v.transaction_rollback =
                box->v.copy = antispam_copy;

        if (need_keyword_hook)
                box->v.mail_alloc = antispam_mailbox_mail_alloc;

Thank you for any help.

A traveler on the information superhighway who often stops and looks

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