[Dovecot] domain quota dictionary

alex me at deltaindigo.ro
Wed Jul 14 13:38:39 EEST 2010


I just configure dovecot with the second dictionary for the domain quota

dict {
   quotadict = mysql:/usr/local/etc/dovecot-quota.conf
   quota_domain = mysql:/usr/local/etc/dovecot-quota-domain.conf

plugin {
     quota = dict:user::proxy::quotadict
     quota2 = dict:domain:%d:proxy::quota_domain

and the dovecot-quota-domain.conf looks like this :

connect = host=xxx dbname=xxx user=xxxx password=xxxx
map {
     pattern = priv/quota/storage
     table = domain_quota
     username_field = domain
     value_field = used_quota

map {
   pattern = priv/quota/messages
   table = domain_quota
   username_field = domain
   value_field = messages

The problem is that the dictionary table gets updated only with the 
first mailbox informations (quota and messages for the first mailbox 
within domain that is accessed). I suppose that have something to do 
with the pattern but I can't find any docs for what the pattern must 
look in the case of a domain quota dictionary.
Can anybody help me with a working example or some docs.


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