[Dovecot] Dinamic 'mail_location' for each user

Thiago Henrique thiagoh at digirati.com.br
Thu Jul 15 17:29:49 EEST 2010


I have a lot of domains in a mail server, so I make a balanced
allocation of mailboxes in the storage disks. That improves performance
of access to records. Therefore, I want to overwrite 'mail_location'
directive for each user. But I also want to use the modifier 'H' to
spray the mailboxes of the same partition in a hash.

Then, each user has your own 'mail_location' that I would like load from
database. Like this:

partition1 is in range [partition1 .. partiton7]
In my tests the '%256HRu/%u' kind of 'mail_location' is not being
interpreted by Dovecot.

 Can Dovecot to interpret 'mail_location' load from database ?

Thank you.
Thiago Henrique
Network Administration
Digirati Networks
K8 Networks

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