[Dovecot] Problem with hard links in lda - please help

Fabio Ferrari fabio.ferrari at unimore.it
Fri Jul 16 16:44:49 EEST 2010


I'm trying to enable hardlinks for messages sent to mutiple users. (I need
this because I have mailing lists with 5000 users used many times a day).

I've read that, to do this, I have to write a script that uses the
command in this way:
deliver -p <FILE> -d <USER1> -d <USER2>

Of course, I enabled the "socket listen" option in the configuration file
to get the command line work, and set the
maildir_copy_with_hardlinks = yes

The deliver command works, so I have the messages correctly in the "new"
directory in the maildir folder.

But if I list the files, they have the "links" number = 1, so I see that
the file was copied, not hardlinked!

I see in the page
that is possible, in fact it says

-p <path>: Path to the mail to be delivered instead of reading from stdin.
If using maildir the file is hard linked to the destination if possible.
This allows a single mail to be delivered to multiple users using hard
links, but currently it also prevents deliver from updating cache file so
it shouldn't be used unless really necessary. (v1.1+)

Of course, I use a version 1.1+ (1.2.12).

Please help, thanks in advance

Fabio Ferrari

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