[Dovecot] Questions about dbox (sdbox?), mdbox

Brandon Lamb brandonlamb at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 00:19:50 EEST 2010


So ive spent the last 45 minutes or so searching the list for dbox
stuff, but Im not seeing anything real definitive.

My question is basically whether the dbox format is ready for
production environment, is sdbox or mdbox more stable/ready than the
other or does it matter? What are people's experience/review with
running this format (and if you reply can you tell me which one you're

Is there any docs/wiki page for migrating from maildir -> dbox?
Searching for "dbox" on the wiki only returns two results, and only
one is actually for dbox.

What I have (maildir format) is working, but who doesnt like shiny new toys? =P

I have ~450gigs / 14k pop accounts I would have to migrate. Oh thats
another question, I have seen "hybrid" throw around, can I take this
to mean dbox/mdbox/both support both formats, maybe only new mail goes
into the dbox stuff? And if so (or even if not) is there any way to
actually convert from maildir to dbox?

If anyone has any links that I cant seem to find by consulting the
oracle (google) that would be fantastic


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