[Dovecot] Arghh, dovecot-2 and lda

Brandon Lamb brandonlamb at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 23:45:41 EEST 2010

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 1:40 PM, Brandon Lamb <brandonlamb at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Or is it possible that Exim looks up mail field as a home directory from the database? I think this error happens before dovecot-lda is even run (it's chdiring before running it).
>> But I thought exim just pipes the mail to dovecot-lda and then
>> dovecot-lda looks up the user info, home and mail location and
>> actually writes the file, exim doesnt do any database lookups or am I
>> totally in the dark?
>> OH! Well damn, look I have a router_home_directory, so... hm, do I
>> assume exim passes this to dovecot-lda somehow as an environment
>> variable or something?
>> I swear I looked at this like 50 times last night...
>> router_pop:
>>    debug_print= "R: dovecot_deliver for $local_part@$domain"
>>    driver = accept
>>    transport = dovecot_deliver
>>    local_parts = mysql; SELECT username FROM SQL_AUTH LEFT JOIN
>> (SQL_POP) ON (SQL_POP.user_id = SQL_AUTH.user_id) WHERE username =
>> '${quote_mysql:$local_part}' AND domain = (SELECT IF( STRCMP('',
>> '${quote_mysql:$domain}'), '${quote_mysql:$domain}', 'olypen.com') )
>> AND SQL_POP.status != 'disabled'
>>    router_home_directory = ${lookup mysql {SELECT SQL_POP.maildir
>> SQL_AUTH.user_id) WHERE username = '${quote_mysql:$local_part}' AND
>> domain = '${quote_mysql:$domain}' LIMIT 1}}
>>    user = 8
>>    group = 8
> Look its MAGIC! Removed the route_home_directory line and BAM! I have
> my mail! Dood you rock! I seriously need to buy one of those dinner
> bells to ring at work for stuff like this that has been a 5 hour
> struggle =P

You may want to add some hint about this on the wiki, something to the
effect of watching whether your router passes a home directory if you
are expecting the userdb field to be used, etc

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