[Dovecot] Deleting Index Files and Expire Tool

Tom Goerger tmg at umn.edu
Mon Jul 19 19:26:51 EEST 2010


In order to periodically deal with corrupted index files in Dovecot, we
routinely will remove a users .imap folder in order to have the indexes
rebuild.  This hasn't ever caused a problem previously.  However, removing
the user's index files seems to break the ability of the expire plugin to
update the expire stamp correctly, or expunge mail from the user folder.
 This seems logical, with the reliance of expire on the index.cache files.
 In testing, actually emptying the trash (since we're only concerned about
Trash folders) resets the mailbox to a degree that the expire tool functions
properly again.

My question is, is there a better way to handle corrupted cache files?  Is
there a more graceful way to rebuild these using Dovecot tools?  Or is there
a more specific index file that can be removed, rather than removing the
entire hierarchy?

We're using Dovecot 1.1.6, on Solaris 10.

Tom Goerger
University of Minnesota - Internet Services

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