[Dovecot] Unknown column username in where clause

Anton Dollmaier antondollmaier at aditsystems.de
Mon Jul 19 23:52:42 EEST 2010


> I dont' know where the field "username" should come from because I
> don't use this field (or query).

perhabs this is the problem? ;-)

> The relevant files are:

Output of "dovecot -n" would be better, together with the additional files.

> dovecot-sql.conf.ext
> ====================
> password_query = SELECT userid AS user, password, \
>    home AS userdb_home, uid AS userdb_uid, gid AS userdb_gid, \
>    concat('*:bytes=', quota_bytes) as userdb_quota_rule \
>    FROM users WHERE userid = '%u'

I think you're missing a user_query.

best regards,


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