[Dovecot] Problem with hard links in lda - please help

Fabio Ferrari fabio.ferrari at unimore.it
Tue Jul 20 13:03:38 EEST 2010

Yes, I tried in many ways, the

deliver -p <FILE> -d <USER1> -d <USER2>

is only one of the ways I tried to hardlink a message.
I tried even to do

deliver -p <FILE> -d <USER1>
deliver -p <FILE> -d <USER2>
deliver -p <FILE> -d <USERN>

but all commands have the same result, that is the message is copied and
not hardlinked.

The question is, do I have a way to make hardlinks for the same message
with dovecot lda or I have to write my own script that hardlinks the file
in the correct directories bypassing lda?

thank in advance for the answer

Fabio Ferrari

> On Fri, 2010-07-16 at 15:44 +0200, Fabio Ferrari wrote:
>> I'm trying to enable hardlinks for messages sent to mutiple users. (I
>> need
>> this because I have mailing lists with 5000 users used many times a
>> day).
>> I've read that, to do this, I have to write a script that uses the
>> /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/deliver
>> command in this way:
>> deliver -p <FILE> -d <USER1> -d <USER2>
> You can't give more than -d parameter. deliver can deliver a mail only
> to a single user at a time.
> The important part is that your MTA calls a script (that you need to
> create) that gets multiple users as parameters, and then you can call
> deliver -p for each one of them separately. I don't think MTA can call
> the delivery script with 5000 parameters, so there must be some
> duplication always.
> Also mailing lists often send separate mails to users. If this is
> happening, hard linking can't be done because the mails are different.

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