[Dovecot] Feature request: usernames and passwords

Chris Hoogendyk hoogendyk at bio.umass.edu
Wed Jul 21 21:25:17 EEST 2010

Justin Krejci wrote:
> Check out splunk (or similar) for multiple disparate event log correlations.

I'm not really looking for solutions right now. I just wanted to comment 
on the "stealth" techniques in use by those running botnets.

When I do look for solutions, I prefer open source tools that are 
minimalist to the extent possible. Thus, I chose mon 
(http://mon.wiki.kernel.org/) for monitoring systems and services, and I 
would first consider SEC (http://simple-evcorr.sourceforge.net/) for 
correlating events in logs from multiple servers. That's just a personal 
preference, though.


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