[Dovecot] Dsync ignores INBOX when converting from mbox to maildir

Henrique Fernandes sf.rique at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 21:53:00 EEST 2010

I have a question,

before ( beta4 ) dsync had the convert command. Now it does not have anymore
right ?

All my emails are in mbox format. And i want to convert them to maildir.

Before on the testes, i had to configure userspaces ( i did that using mysql
per user configuration ) so the user now have maildir for mail_location, so
i used:  dsync -u usuer at dom.com -m /path/mbox-formats/
I had the same probles with the inbox, after it i had to run the comando
again where the inbox was.

So, let me see if i got it.

Now, with the code from mercurial i have to.

do not change any configuration. and run

dsync -u -f 'user at dom.com' mirror 'maildir:/path/maildir-format'

and after i run this comand i have to change the config on my sql to the
user have the new maildir settings right ?

But now, i might have problems with emails sent when i am converting. After
change the setting on mysql, how can i convert the msg that arrived at same
time that convertion?  Thoses emals will be in mbox format and the dsyn will
see only maildir settings. Maybe using the parameter "-m"  after i change
the setting on mysql ?



On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 12:39 PM, Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:

> On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 16:09 +0200, Jan Vítek wrote:
> > I am trying to convert email box in mbox format to maildir++. It
> > converts all folders except INBOX. For example:
> ..
> > mail_location = mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/mail/%u
> Fixed: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.0/rev/459bd9621197

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