[Dovecot] Shared folders issue

Emmanuel Gonzalez Carmona egonzalez at babel.it
Fri Jul 23 16:17:56 EEST 2010

Hello guys,
I have an issue with shared folders:

1) The USERA shares his INBOX with USERB
2) USERB subscribes the USERA share without problems.
3) USERA deletes all his / or some directories from his INBOX (Trash, 
Drafts and Sent)
4) USERA logouts and makes login, so dovecot recreates the folders.
5) USERB gains access to subscrive those folders (Trash, Drafts and Sent)

this is my namespace configuration:

namespace private {
    separator = /
    prefix =
    inbox = yes
    #list = yes
    #subscriptions = yes

namespace shared {
    separator = /
    prefix = "shared/%%u/"
    location = maildir:/maildirs/%%d/%%u/Maildir
    subscriptions = no
    list = children

any ideas?

Thanx in advance.

Emmanuel Gonzalez
Babel S.r.l. - http://www.babel.it <http://www.babel.it/>

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