[Dovecot] Dovecot and LDAP - virtual hosting problem

Pavel Dimow paveldimow at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 23:56:17 EEST 2010


I have a small ISP and we have a dovecot for virtual mail hosting with
a postfix and openldap as backend. Now the problem is that there is
one primary domain (example.com) and many other
virtual domains with different users. When user from primary domain
logs in, he is using username as
his username (without domain part) and when user from virtual domain
logs in, he uses username at virtualdomain as his username. I don't know
how to make dovecot-ldap.conf to authenticate both users from the same
ldap tree. My ldap tree is organized like:


and so on... The only one thing that comes on my mind is something
like (default domain) in dovecot.conf (if %d is empty then
%d=examle.com, othewise...) I know this option does not exist
but is just comes on my mind... Maybe some specific filter_search or
something like that?

Than you for any help in advance.

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