[Dovecot] (Single instance) attachment storage

William Blunn bill+dovecot at blunn.org
Sun Jul 25 12:53:43 EEST 2010

Damon Atkins wrote:
> Just keep in mine Signed Emails, the email contents needs to be 
> present back to the client as it came, so the client says the email 
> has not been altered.

Timo will presumably correct me if I am wrong: I believe it is already a 
design goal that messages going in to the mail store will come out 
byte-for-byte verbatim at the RFC5322 message stream level.

I suppose the suggestion to come out of this is that if there is to be 
any partial or complete RFC2045-deconstruction of messages that this 
will suggest to some people the possibility of non-verbatim retrieval, 
and it might be an idea for the documentation to make it clear whether 
or not stored messages will be retrieved verbatim at the RFC5322 message 
stream level.

It might be useful if the documentation gave confidence-building 
examples such as "for example, blocks of base64 encoded data will only 
be stored in decoded form if, when re-encoded, the original base64 
stream can be reconstructed byte-for-byte verbatim".

Or if messages might not come back verbatim, it might be useful if the 
documentation were to explain what scenarios it might not be verbatim, 
and the nature of the differences which may occur.


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