[Dovecot] Permanent delete from Spam folder

Pascal Volk user+dovecot at localhost.localdomain.org
Mon Jul 26 17:49:10 EEST 2010

On 07/26/2010 12:09 PM Piyush Joshi wrote:
> Dear All,
>               I want that if someone delete the mail from SPAM folder
> mail must be deleted permanently instead of moving the same to Trash
> folder.
> Is it possible with the dovecot right now ?
> Please let me know the solution for the same.
> Thanks

In short: Use another MUA. Or reconfigure the MUA.

Some MUAS only add the \Deleted flag. Other MUAs additionally copy the
message to the Trash-folder and (really) remove it from the source
folder. And at some point the MUAs send the EXPUNGE comand, in order to
delete the \Deleted flagged messages.

Maybe the Expire plugin <http://wiki.dovecot.org/Plugins/Expire> can
help you.

The trapper recommends today:

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