[Dovecot] SSHA256 scheme

Daniel Luttermann daniel at dlutt.de
Wed Jul 28 12:33:24 EEST 2010

Patrick Westenberg wrote on 28.07.2010:

> Daniel Luttermann schrieb:

>> when you create a password with dovecotpw or doveadm you can
>> copy&paste the generated password into your database.

> I can´t use dovecotpw. Passwords will be generated by PHP
> (webfrontend).

should be no problem... Personlly I use Horde/IMP with passwd - in the
passwd plugin I can configure which encryption/hash should be used for
the generated passwords (SHA,SSHA,PLAIN...).

Your PHP application generates the password with the given scheme and
write it to the password field.

When you configure your PHP application to generate SHA,SSHA...
passwords then you should also use

default_pass_scheme =

in dovecot-sql.conf.


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