[Dovecot] Plugin for XFS project quota

Wessel Dankers wsl-dovecot at fruit.je
Wed Jul 28 17:08:57 EEST 2010


I just finished writing a small plugin that reports XFS project quota in de
IMAP component of Dovecot (1.2, currently). It was written to fill the
needs of our organization but someone else might find this useful as well.
In its current form it's not suitable for inclusion in the generic quota
backend (see “Drawbacks”).


 - every mailbox/folder can have its own project ID;

 - every project ID is mapped to a quota “root”;

 - caching to ensure reasonable performance;

 - Debian APT repository available;

 - LGPL 3 (just like Dovecot itself).


 - quota are readonly, you'll have to manage limits and project assignment

 - IMAP only: I tried to write a generic quota backend, but the current
   setup of the quota plugin does not really seem to permit this;

 - extremely Linux-specific: assumes devices to be available under
   /dev/block/<maj>:<min> (this is valid for at least Debian lenny);

 - received only very limited testing;

 - no documentation whatsoever.

How to get it:



Debian (amd64):
deb http://non-gnu.uvt.nl/debian lenny dovecot-prjquota
deb-src http://non-gnu.uvt.nl/debian lenny dovecot-prjquota


protocol imap {
	mail_plugins = imap_prjquota

Setting up XFS project quota in general:



Wessel Dankers <wsl at fruit.je>

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