[Dovecot] Dovecot and SSD

Marcus Rueckert darix at opensu.se
Thu Jul 29 02:46:49 EEST 2010

On 2010-07-28 19:05:25 -0400, Bryan Vyhmeister wrote:
> I'm considering setting up my own mailserver with Dovecot 2.0 (as soon
> as it's out) and SSD. I'm debating whether it's worth it or not. I
> have been running a mailserver with the Dovecot 1.1 train for a couple
> of years and it's been flawless and amazing. I'm thinking about using
> either FreeBSD 8.1 w/ZFS or OpenBSD 4.8-beta on a 64 GB or 80 GB SSD
> (Corsair or Intel) using Dovecot 2.0 and mdbox. It seems like mdbox
> would benefit the most from an SSD because reads would be extremely
> fast while minimal writes (comparatively) take place due to the way
> mdbox is structured. I guess what I'm saying is that even if the SSD
> has average to slow write speeds the fast read speeds would make a big
> difference in many operations. Any thoughts? Alternately, run either
> option on a hard drive with indexes on fast flash memory. Anyone tried
> something like that? Thank you.

maybe dont put the whole FS on the SSD.

we had great speed ups when we just moved the FS journal onto the SSD.


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