[Dovecot] LDAP + mail_location: Get "%d" from customfield

R. Svejda rsv at balsec.com
Fri Jul 30 01:12:53 EEST 2010

On 07/29/2010 12:36 PM, Denny Schierz wrote:
> hi,
> my mail_location looks like:
> mail_location = maildir:/imap/spool/%d/%1n/%n:INDEX=/imap/spool/%
> d/indexes/%1n/%n
> for example:
> /imap/spool/domain.foo/a/anton/new
> The problem is, that the user log in with only the username and no
> domainpart. So, Dovecot looks into:
> /imap/spool/a/anton/new
> what isn't correct. We created an LDAP entry in which domain the user is
> and searching for a way, to get it working. So, only what I want is to
> use our customfield as domainpart for the mail_location. Postfix works
> perfect and delivers the messages in the correct folder.
> any idea?
> cu denny
Hi Denny,

had the same problem and solved it by changing the pass_attrs entry in 
dovecot-ldap.conf file.
Mine is
pass_attrs  = mail=user,userPassword=password

Reads: LDAP attribute "mail" will become the Dovecot field "user".
This user can then be separed by %d and %n variables.

Hope this helps, Radim

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