[Dovecot] OT dovecot w/postfix, mysql , postfix does unnecessary lookups

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Fri Jul 30 15:10:22 EEST 2010

Noel Butler wrote:
> (this msg is an extract from what I sent to WV some time ago, with him
> showing absolutely no interest, I got bored tonight so thought I'd throw
> it on this list since the question remains valid today)
>      30 Query       SELECT 1 FROM virtual_domains WHERE
> name='example.net' AND active ='1'
>      31 Query       SELECT destination FROM view_aliases WHERE
> email='someuser at example.net'
> Should that not have ended its lookups at Q30 and not gone on to ask Q31
> which it now knows is not local?

The above is just a couple of SQL statements.

How are you performing the recipient validation?

Postconf -n output and some logs of a complete transaction showing the
'problem' would be instructive...


Best regards,


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