[Dovecot] Does Dovecot 2 need more ressources than 1 ?

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Mon Apr 4 10:50:57 EEST 2011

Frank Bonnet put forth on 4/4/2011 2:37 AM:

> Switching for Dovecot 1 to 2,  I noticed the machine respond
> slower to users requests , of course it works but response
> times are a bit longer.

Please provide data that demonstrates the difference in response times.
 Also please tell us what other changes you made when switching from 1.x
to 2.x, such as conversion from mbox to maildir or dbox, implementing
LDA, LMTP, sieve, etc.

2.x should be no slower on the same hardware compared to 1.x


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