[Dovecot] Change/add mail header via IMAP

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Apr 4 23:52:59 EEST 2011

On 4.4.2011, at 23.43, Алексей Сундуков wrote:

> Some program modify can header. Example LDA. And I thought why not?
> Why I can't do this?

In LDA it's fine to modify headers, because the message hasn't been saved yet. In Sieve there is an extension to do this, although Pigeonhole doesn't support it  yet.

> I use web interface RoundCube and same time Mozilla Thunderbird. In
> Mozilla Thunderbird I can add tag. But this tag I can't see in RC (now
> RC no support tag, only favorite, but I can write plugin). Thunderbird
> save tags in own local database, RC in own. It's two different
> database. If I set tag via Thunderbird, I don't see this change in RC
> database. I think it not right. Information about mail should stored
> in one place.

Thunderbird should already be storing tags to Dovecot using $Label1..$Label5 IMAP keywords (= custom flags).

> Imho, this place is email header. In this case I can see
> same tag in all my email clients.

I think email header is the wrong place for this.

> So I'm trying add header in existing messages. Maybe there's another
> way stored tag in one place and indicate email client use it? Maybe
> special protocol?

IMAP already supports keywords. I think those would work for what you want.

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