[Dovecot] Imap segfault on login with version 2.0.8 & 2.0.11

Klaus Desinger kld at rzg.mpg.de
Fri Apr 8 10:19:28 EEST 2011

Hi Nicholas,

>> I'm trying to upgrade/test our configuration files from Dovecot 1.2 to
>> 2.0.11.  I used the Dovecot config convert command, created a RHEL 5
>> x86_64 rpm, and tested it.  I can connect, but once I login, the IMAP
>> service segfaults.  I've also reproduced this on version 2.0.8.

Don't know if this is related:
I had a problem with dovecot-2.0.11 under AIX 5.3, it segfaulted right
after connect. The reason was that struct login_binary remained 
uninitialized in login-common/main.c
The problem disappeared after configuring with --disable-shared.
Maybe this is worth a try.


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