[Dovecot] Permission Denied - cannot create inbox

tl511 tlmoore at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 14:09:38 EEST 2011

That fixed it!!  Thanks so much.  Not sure why that isn't in the

Joseph Tam-2 wrote:
> tlmoore at gmail.com writes:
>> Apr  7 07:44:51 fs1 dovecot: imap(tim): Error:
>> chown(/home/tim/mail/.imap/INBOX, -1, 97(dovecot)) failed: Operation not
>> permitted (egid=500(tim), group based on /var/mail/tim)
>> How do I give permissions to dovecot program to create these?  I am
>> trying
>> not to chmod 777 every mailbox.
> I was going to write about the same problem.  This got me over the
> hump:
>  	chmod 0600 /var/spool/mail/*
> All my user's mailboxes used to be group=mail mode=0660.  I think these
> settings were left over from Solaris' mail.local: I can't reproduce
> these permissions now, even for new mailboxes.  Maybe it's because the
> spool directory is now mode=1777 (not g+s mail).  Not too keen on
> these permissions either, but it seems to work.
> Dovecot seems to transfer group permissions of the mailbox to its
> corresponding cache.  If it can't set group ownership, you get
> the fatal error message above.	If the original mailbox is mode
> 0600, dovecot is smart enough not to set group ownership.
> I couldn't find this information: shouldn't it be documented here?
>  	http://wiki2.dovecot.org/SharedMailboxes/Permissions
> This situation could also happen if a user is revoked from a group's
> membership.
> Would it be useful to make this a configurable behaviour whereby a
> chgrp() failure of cache files will fall back to chown'ing to user=owner,
> mode=0600 instead?  Or just leave the user to scratch their head?
> Joseph Tam <tam at math.ubc.ca>

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