[Dovecot] IO rate quotas?

Eric Shubert ejs at shubes.net
Fri Apr 8 20:03:50 EEST 2011

On 04/08/2011 08:58 AM, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> Eric Shubert put forth on 4/7/2011 9:54 PM:
>> Thanks for the great explanation, Stan.
>> Just to clarify, did you mean to say that the former is cheaper in $$?
> Yes.  I just noticed that error and cringed.  :(  I did indeed mean to
> say FORMER.  With a caveat however:  only if the necessary traffic
> shaping can be accomplished with FOSS running on the Dovecot server and
> the man hours to implement and test it are relatively low.
> If total man hours are more than a couple of days, or you end up needing
> another box for shaping duty, or worse a commercial vendor solution,
> then simply adding spindles to the current server may be cheaper
> overall, and would offer additional benefits (speed/capacity increase)
> for all users as well.

I would hope that traffic shaping could be done in an affordable manner, 
like you say with FOSS on the Dovecot server.

As Timo pointed out, there might be some other tuning that needs to be 
addressed as well. This could be as simple as changing the elevator, or 
doing some of the other 4 things you mentioned previously.

BL, one client should not be able to bring a server to its knees. ;)

-Eric 'shubes'

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