[Dovecot] Over quota and send Mails

Jim Knuth jk at jkart.de
Mon Apr 11 14:48:58 EEST 2011

am 11.04.11 13:42 schrieb Sven Hartge <sven at svenhartge.de>:

> Jim Knuth<jk at jkart.de>  wrote:
>> if a user over quota is, he can do no mails more receive. So far, so
>> good. But why he can do, nevertheless, mails do send? Has that to do
>> something with dict option?
> Sending mails has nothing to do with dovecot. You need to configure your
> MTA to prevent the user from sending any mails.
> Grüße,

ok. Sorry and thanks. I`m stupid. It`s a
job for postfix. ;)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Jim Knuth

P.S.: Bitte HTML-Mails!
Wer in Blut und Sprüchen schreibt, der will nicht gelesen,
sondern auswendig gelernt werden. [Nietzsche]

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