[Dovecot] .dovecot.sieve as Mailbox

Jan Phillip Greimann jg at softjury.de
Tue Apr 12 15:15:47 EEST 2011

Am 12.04.2011 14:08, schrieb Francisco Wagner C. Freire:
 > Hello,
Hi there,

 > I current using maildir and mail location is:
 > *mail_location = maildir:%h:INDEX=%h/cache*
 > Any tip to hide this to users?

what's about
   sieve_dir = ~/sieve
in 90-sieve.conf?

must the sieve-files be in ~/ ?

 > Sorry for my bad english :)
Sorry for my bad english too ^^

Greetings Jan P. Greimann
Administrator (in training)

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