[Dovecot] Upgraded to Dovecot-1.2.16 and Sieve-1.1.8 but Still No Sieve Parameters

邓卫华 dengwh at bestcheer.com
Wed Apr 13 05:21:32 EEST 2011


you have to download dovecot-2.0-pigeonhole-0.2.2 and install it to
enable sieve in dovecot. 

On Wed, 13 Apr 2011 00:34:11 +0300, Timo
Sirainen wrote: 

> Then it sounds like the Dovecot version you're
running hasn't been patched with managesieve support. I don't actually
see you mention how you upgraded, from source or from some binary
package (and in what OS/distro).
> Note that with v1.x if you install
Dovecot + Sieve you do get both of them, but it doesn't automatically
mean that Managesieve is installed. You need to patch Dovecot for that
(sieve is not managesieve!)
> On 13.4.2011, at 0.17, Jay Welch
>> It is managesieve. protocol managesieve { # Specify an
alternative address:port the daemon must listen on # (default: *:2000)
listen = localhost:2000 managesieve_logout_format = bytes ( in=%i :
out=%o ) } I just did a cut and paste into the conf file. On 4/12/2011
2:14 PM, Timo Sirainen wrote: 
>>> On 13.4.2011, at 0.09, Jay Welch
>>>> Starting Dovecot Imap: Error: Error in configuration
file /etc/dovecot.conf line 676: Unknown protocol name (section changed
in /etc/dovecot.conf at line 674)
>>> Unfortunately it doesn't say here
what the name is. 
>>>> The protocol on line 674 is the Manageseive
protocol. Not sure where I am going wrong with this? Any help is much
>>> Is it Managesieve or managesieve? The case matters
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