[Dovecot] How to purge mailboxes manually [dovecot_1.2.15]

Emilio Nacelle enacelle at cmat.edu.uy
Thu Apr 14 21:26:16 EEST 2011

     we have a linux network at the office. Mainly ubuntu and debian 

Each user has it's own mail client, thunderbird, evolution, etc.
In the mail server we use as the local delivery agent, dovecot 1.2.15 
and the protocol imap.
The users mailbox are in the server at /var/mail.

Due to some kind of problem the mails that are set for delete in the 
mail client are not being deleted in the
mailbox (if we check the mbox the mails are marked to be purged).
Unless the owner uses something lowlevel shell mail client like pine to 
do the purge, the mails start to pile filling the account.

Is this some known bug with a fix, or is there some routine we can run 
as admins to actually purged the mails set for deletion?
(Like the "doveadm purge" in dovecot 2.0)

Thanks a lot, looking forward to your answers,

P.S: we would really like not having to install dovecot 2.0 :)

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