[Dovecot] Post-login script with LDAP virtual users

Fernando Silva fernandolrsilva at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 15:09:16 EEST 2011

Hideo GOTO <gotoh <at> eis.co.jp> writes:

> (2011/02/07 20:44), Timo Sirainen wrote:
> > On 7.2.2011, at 12.24, Hideo GOTO wrote:
> >
> >> /var/log/maillog:
> >> Feb 7 17:45:58 pop3migr dovecot: pop3(vuser1): Post-login script denied
> >> access to user vuser1
> > The script finish isn't being done properly. I guess you're missing the exec
"$@" line?
> >
> Thanks a lot Timo for your prompt reply, which solved my problem!
> Indeed, I had omitted  exec "$@", where script-login was not executed.
> Hideo GOTO


Sorry for "stealing" your thread but I'm experiencing 
some problems similar to yours. I need a custom 
post-login, which is written in perl language. This
script was working fine with "dovecot 1.0-test59". 
Now I updated to "dovecot 2.0.12" and it stopped 
working, it gives me the following error in my 
"imap(myuser01): Info: Post-login script denied 
access to user myuser01"
Through some debugging I realized that is the 
"exec $@" that's not working has intended, so I've 
created two script, one written in bash and 
another in perl. 

Bash Script:
exec "$@"

Perl Script
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

The thing is, the Bash script works and the Perl 
one doesn't, it comes the error stated above...
I think the problem could be from perl, for 
forking the process, but still I can't figure 
it out. 

Any ideas? 


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