[Dovecot] Running mailfront under dovecot2.x service supervision

Uffe Jakobsen uffe at uffe.org
Tue Apr 19 13:23:14 EEST 2011


I'm trying to run mailfront SMTP (http://untroubled.org/mailfront/) under
Dovecot 2.x process/service supervision

My intention was to utilize the fact that dovecot2.x seems to have some kind
of generic process/service supervision as well as builtin ssl support.
But I cannot get the most simple generic service setup (without ssl) to

Currently running dovecot 2.0.11 on FreeBSD 8.1

service smtp-auth {
        executable = /usr/local/bin/smtpfront-qmail
        inet_listener smtp-auth {
                port = 587
                ssl = no

I have added the above to dovecot.conf

Once I start dovecot everything seems fine - no errors in the log
But at the first attempt to telnet to localhost port 587 - I instantly get
the indication of never ending forks in the dovecot log (see below) -
neither do I get the SMTP prompt that I expected in my telnet session - it
just hangs.

Apr 19 10:05:34 smtp-auth: Error: mailfront[43539]: bytes in: 0 bytes out:
Apr 19 10:05:34 smtp-auth: Error: mailfront[43541]: bytes in: 0 bytes out:
Apr 19 10:05:34 smtp-auth: Error: mailfront[43543]: bytes in: 0 bytes out:
Apr 19 10:05:34 smtp-auth: Error: mailfront[43545]: bytes in: 0 bytes out:

Question is if I've misconfigured something or if it is impossible to
utilize dovecot2.x this way ?

PS: Now I know that I could use daemontools or such for this task - but I
like the dovecot ssl handling and would like to end up by wrapping this smtp
service inside same dovecot ssl that I use for IMAPS.

Any feedback is more than welcome - I'm stuck

Thanks in advance Uffe

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