[Dovecot] sieve-test ignores precedence and other for vacation

Burckhard Schmidt bschmidt at cms.hu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 20 15:15:30 EEST 2011

I'm using pigeonhole-0.2.3, it works fine.

I tried to verify some build in checks of vacation concerning precedence 
or auto-submitted header lines.
It looks like sieve-test ignores header lines like
    Auto-Submitted: auto-submitted
    Precedence: bulk
    Return-Path: MAILER-DAEMON at ...

if I have a vacation script like

require ["vacation", "regex", "fileinto", "variables", "envelope"];
  if allof (header :regex ["to"] ["address1", "address2"], header 
:matches "to" "*")
vacation        :days 7
                 : ...

The email to test contains a line like
Precedence: bulk or
Return-Path: <MAILER-DAEMON at ...> or
Auto-Submitted: yes

sieve-test -D -C script.sieve mail

I get
Performed actions:

  * send vacation message:
     => seconds   : 604800
        text of vacation message

Implicit keep:

  * store message in folder: INBOX

sieve-test(root): Info: final result: success

Regards --- Burckhard Schmidt

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